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by Jeremy Renaud For over a decade, I attended the annual Biz X Gala Awards as a participant and witnessed hundreds of local businesses from around the region being recognized for excellence in

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by Jeremy Renaud Like many others across the World, I had a tremendous experience meeting Stan Lee. One experience came a few years ago at Fan Expo (2016) where Steve Menzie challenged me

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Beyond education and sport, Jeremy Renaud has been involved in the community advocating for healthcare initiatives throughout the region of Windsor-Essex County. In collaboration with various teams of volunteers, participants and sponsors, he

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As an advocate, leader and community champion for individuals with special needs, I had the wonderful opportunity of serving Special Olympics Canada (SOC) as its GM. I managed the National Games program and

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As I work from my desk and plan my day ahead with upcoming classes and projects on the horizon including the World's largest fan-run Transformers event; TFcon Chicago ( and Canada's national Sport

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Preparing student-athletes for life can be a challenge but one they are ready to accept. Often these individuals are placed on rigid training and competition schedules to prepare them for the next game,

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Overview: With support from the Government of Ontario through its Healthy Communities Fund, Windsor-Essex Sports Council (WESC) received funding to deliver the Learning to Play (LTP) project in collaboration with the Windsor- Essex

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Helping Under-Resourced Kids in Our Community Sport has become a central focus in my life. Whether it is in the classroom or on the field, helping others prepare for their careers ahead or

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Back in the early 90s, F.J. Brennan sent a talented group of musicians led by Mike Seguin to World's in Germany. There, the group performed within a variety of categories ranging from classical

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Friday, October 5, 2018 (2:22 a.m.) I thought I'd share a fond memory while working away on lesson plans early this Friday morning. Growing up, I'd occasionally wake up in the middle of