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Partnerships represent the pinnacle of leadership and collaboration in society. Since 2001, Jeremy Renaud has created over 870 partnerships in the public, private and non-profit sectors toward obtaining funding and resources to support capital campaign projects, educational opportunities, programs and events. He credits this experience through mentorship provided by local Rotarians and Circle of 7 as the key defining foundation for his community leadership and fundraising which he continues with today.

As one of the region’s leading fundraising professionals and relationship builders, Renaud generated $610m worldwide with his largest sponsorship deal at $2.5m and most successful grant acquired at $1.2m. As a volunteer, Renaud also generated $5.2m between 2011 and 2015 to support a variety of non-profit organizations, which benefitted residents throughout Windsor-Essex County.

Renaud looks forward to lending his knowledge and experience to the Separate School Board to diversify, enhance and enable programs, which respond to the needs of its student communities.