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Renaud’s Thunderbird Platforms

Renaud is pleased to leverage his platforms, which are dedicated to the memory of the St. Maria Goretti (SMG) Catholic Elementary School “Thunderbirds” where he received the latter part of his primary education until graduation in 1990.

Educators at SMG were dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the whole person to ensure their “Thunderbirds” were prepared for life.

Mental Health

With a focus on Mental Health, Renaud is committed to making our schools a healthier place for students to learn and grow.

His objective is to foster an environment that builds the whole person toward becoming better contributors to our society.

His early intervention strategies and tactics will also reduce major issues that the city and region are facing, including addictions through to homelessness in the long-term, creating a pathway for our future leaders and contributors to pave the way for generations to come.

Physical Literacy

Through Physical Literacy, Renaud is dedicated to developing programs that enhance motivation, knowledge and understanding, enabling confidence and competence for students to become physically active for life.

Access to Resources

By enabling Access to Resources, Renaud is devoted to providing teachers with freedom to select resources that suit their individual teaching styles and programs. Students will also benefit from resources, enhancing literacy, culture and education.

Community Partnerships

With a history of success in fund development and relationship management, Renaud is driven to pool resources at all levels of governance toward enhancing programs that respond to the needs of students through Community Partnerships.

We need to address issues facing our community as a whole and implement early intervention strategies that will foster growth and development of our students to ensure progress in the long-term,” says Renaud. “I’m interested in developing the whole person, which will prepare our students for life and ensure they become productive leaders and contributors to our society in the future.”