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Jeremy Renaud

Everyday is GameDay

September 8, 2018 Jeremy Renaud 0 Comments

While interning in the Department of Athletics at The University of Michigan, I had the opportunity to be exposed to, work in and facilitate a student-athlete development program (throughout the Ann Arbor community and beyond) to enable opportunities for UM Wolverines to develop life skills outside of the classroom and off the field, ice and court to prepare them for life.

This program helped provide resources to Wolverines to get them active and involved in the community, learn applied public and community relations skills and inherit the altruistic value of inherently giving back. I would go on to modify this program and use it at all levels of teaching students at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels at Western University and St. Clair College.

I look forward to enabling access to resources and strengthening community partnerships to get our students involved in the community to prepare them for life. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow and give back; Everyday is GameDay! Go Blue!

Jeremy Renaud

Jeremy Renaud

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