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National Teams Claim 2 Gold and 1 Bronze while Ranking High in 6 Divisions.

Dodgeball Canada participated at the World Dodgeball Federation Championships this past weekend (August 28 to September 4, 2022)at the Saville Community Sports Centre located at The University of Alberta. Representing Canada, over 130 athletes, coaches and staff contested in 6 divisions across 2 disciplines, which included Men’s Foam, Women’s Foam, Mixed Foam, Men’s Cloth, Women’s Cloth and Mixed Cloth. Canada won 2 Gold and 1 Bronze in 3 divisions, while placing 4th, 6th, and 7th in 3 others. At the helm, was local Windsorite, Jeremy Renaud, who managed the national teams.

“Our national teams exceeded all expectations throughout the tournament,” says Dodgeball Canada GM, Jeremy Renaud. “It was absolutely thrilling to see them succeed through some very tough match-ups!”


  • Gold, Women’s Foam: Undefeated throughout the Tournament
  • Gold, Mixed Foam: 1st International Appearance
  • Bronze, Men’s Foam: Defeated US World Defending Champions
  • 4thPlace Finish, Men’s Cloth: 1st International Appearance
  • 6thPlace Finish, Mixed Cloth: 1st International Appearance
  • 7th Place Finish, Women’s Cloth: 1st International Appearance
  • 2, Tournament MVPs.

“We are thrilled with our overall performances at Worlds,” says Dodgeball Canada President Duane Wysynski. “Each of the teams exceeded our expectations and won at the international stage.”

In addition to the medals and rankings, the tournament served as a pivotal platform to launch Mixed Foam while also introducing the Cloth discipline on the international stage.

“It is very exciting for us to provide unique opportunities for athletes to compete in the sport while growing the Cloth discipline, which is tremendously big in Europe”, says Wysynski who also doubles as President of the World Dodgeball Federation.

“The sport as a whole continues to grow,” says Renaud, “however, with Hamilton and Grimsby as the literal sole hotbed of the Cloth community in Canada, would love to see the discipline grow nationwide at a grassroots level. Furthermore, I also believe that in our very own community here in Windsor there continues to be a great opportunity to introduce the sport in general. We have a tremendous pool of baseball players and athletes that would translate exceptionally well into this sport. I know national team greatness awaits!”

The national teams will return to their respective communities to participate at both regional and provincial levels with nationals occurring annually. The next World Dodgeball Championships will take place in Austria during the Summer of 2024.

Dodgeball Canada is the national governing body for the sport throughout the nation.  As a member-based organization, it strives to foster participation and excellence at all levels to of governance from playground to podium while engaging new and existing members from diverse backgrounds across Canada. For more information, visit