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Jeremy Renaud


Jeremy Renaud Enters the Trustee Race for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.


Windsor, ON: Local area Ward 6 resident, Jeremy Renaud, is pleased to announce his candidacy for the office of Trustee, Wards 6 and 7 combined, belonging to the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (WECDSB).

His four-point plan will revolve around mental health, physical literacy, access to resources and community partnerships. 

“I’m thrilled to tip my hat in the ring for this critical role and have a vested interest in enabling opportunities that further student achievement in our community,” says Renaud. 

Renaud’s interest in this role came after considerable thought this past year, underlined with a deeper motivation for helping students develop into their formative years.

“As an instructor at St. Clair College in Sport and Recreation Management, I realized quickly that I only have three years to really make a positive difference in the lives of students. I believe that if we are going to be successful in building our community as well as leaders of tomorrow, we have to get back to our grassroots and make some changes today. 

Renaud comes from a long line of educators and community leaders who positively influenced his life.

“In a fantastic way, my parents, wife and those who I have worked with on multiple boards in the community made me who I am today, being role models for giving back to the community and, more importantly, helping others.” 

With 18 years’ experience, graduate level education and a diverse background leading several boards and budgets simultaneously, Renaud is ready.

“I have built a strong foundation and skillset. Using this and working closely with other trustees and the board I know we can advance overall student achievement and excellence.” 

Renaud’s motivation also comes from his four-year old son Ryder.

“He is my ultimate motivation. I want him to become the best he can be and provide opportunities for him in abundance. I know my wife and me, along with family and friends, will achieve this, but at the same time am also genuinely interested in helping other youth in our community. Building the leaders of tomorrow starts in the classroom today.” 

Renaud is pleased to note that he isn’t running FOR but rather WITH Wards 6 and 7 combined.

“I’m a collaborator and team player. I get results through hard work, goal setting and strategic planning, but all this is nothing without the input of teachers, parents, fellow trustees, committees, the community and our Director of Education. To be successful, we will move forward together.”


For more information, please contact:

Jeremy Renaud                                                                                

Candidate for Trustee, Wards 6 & 7 Combined – Separate School Board

Phone: 519.566.1735 Email: