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Enabling Opportunities for Children: Spits in Support of the ICGs.

Walt Metulynsky, Bob Boughner and I during a media junket to announce a fundraising initiative in support of the International Children’s Games. I had the opportunity to wear 2 hats during this project with the first on the side of the Windsor Spitfires Foundation as an event manager to raise funds for the ICGs (where I was on the fundraising and special events committee as the other raising funds against a $12 million+ budget). Both of these were volunteer community efforts so basically, just raising money from one lens to support another where in the end $12,500 (net) went from the Spits Foundation to the ICGs to enable opportunities for children to compete in the Games.

As one of the region’s tried and true top fundraising professionals, I look forward to utilizing my skillset (in terms of fundraising and sponsorship) to both expand, create and enhance opportunities for programs, facilities and more importantly people (teachers and students) that belong to the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. Globally tested, community-based invested, student-centred focused.

Photo courtesy of Eyes On Windsor