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Jeremy Renaud

Thunderbirds are a Go!

September 13, 2018 Jeremy Renaud 0 Comments

When I reached Grade 6 at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School, my father and I were informed that he could not teach me during the following year. I then transferred to St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary School nearby where my life literally changed. I made some great lifelong friends, had some amazing teachers and was brought into a new community that approached building students from a radically different perspective.

At the forefront of this was our Year 7 teacher Mr. James. Strong willed and mentally tough, Mr. James was hard on us in a caring way, which pushed us to exceed. Both in and out of the classroom, Mr. James (working very closely with Mr. Prieur) led the way for house leagues, which challenged our mind, body and spirit through competitions in both music and sport…and for this, we became a mentally strong, physically gifted and spiritually composed group.

SMG graduates would go on to become leaders in the classroom, on and off the court at F.J. Brennan and eventually through The University of Windsor and beyond. One could literally trace that success back to the likes of Mr. James, Mr. Prieur, Mr. Plante and many others.

In role of Trustee for the Separate School Board, I look forward to going above and beyond just like they did for us at SMG and am pleased to entitle my 4-pt plan for helping all students in our community belonging to the WECDSB as “Project Thunderbird.”


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