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One Week to Go Until Elections!

As I work from my desk and plan my day ahead with upcoming classes and projects on the horizon including the World’s largest fan-run Transformers event; TFcon Chicago (tfcon.com) and Canada’s national Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo (sportcardexpo.com) coming up in just a few weeks time, I reflect back on the tremendous experience I have had to date where, on the 22nd of this month, elections will take place.

Wow…One Week to Go Until Elections!

Having met a number of candidates on the campaign trail in all wards and across various municipalities, was delighted to witness the enthusiasm, interest and commitment toward community development and change across the region of Windsor-Essex County.

For myself, it is a unique ride, and one where I have been utilizing a mix of traditional and social media inclusive of strategies and tactics to get the word out to supporters of the Separate School Board.

One of the biggest target markets I have been reaching out to through social media has been the next generation of voters onto whom, we must (as a whole) find ways to continuously engage in the process to ensure their voices are heard.

In one of my sport management classes, though students come from a variety of wards and municipalities across the region, encourage them to become aware of candidates (in their respective areas) and make an informed decision for their vote on the 22nd.

Each vote makes a difference. Your voice makes a difference. I encourage family, friends and others to learn about candidates in their respective wards to make an informed decision next week!

Please vote on Monday, October 22, 2018!





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