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Jeremy Renaud

Making a Difference in the Separate School System

September 14, 2018 Jeremy Renaud 0 Comments

Making a Difference in the Separate School System. I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize another educator, who has been a lifelong motivator, contributor to education and personal inspiration, my father John Renaud.

John comes from and practices a tremendous Catholic faith, was a separate school board teacher from 1973-2000, where during his free time he coached a myriad of sports teams while organizing the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

When I was in Grade 6 at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School (a school that my father taught at extensively by this time for well over a decade), we were advised that he could not teach me directly going into Year 7. At the time, I didn’t want to leave St. Rose (for fear of losing friends and of going to a new school) but eventually went to St. Maria Goretti. He eventually decided to try out other schools as well. John would go on to teach at several schools including but not limited to Holy Family, St. Wilfred, St. John’s and many more. During this time, he would teach a myriad of students across the city. Some of whom, I’d go on to meet at Assumption, through work or volunteering in the community many years later.

My father kept in touch with many students and continues to be very proud of their accomplishments and life that they have created for themselves and betterment for the community.

My interest in giving back to the communities belonging to the Separate School Board are (for me) a special and altruistic way of saying thanks to my father and many countless other educators (like John Pri) who gave us so much and then when the day was over, went above and beyond. I look forward to carrying on your legacy and tradition in helping others reach their full potential. Thank you for all that you given me.

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