Renaud attended St. Rose and St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary Schools and F.J. Brennan and Assumption College Catholic High Schools.

During this time, he attended St. Rose parish and recalls going to every morning and weekend mass during Grade School (while at St. Rose), where he served as an Altar boy.

“I loved participating in mass," says Renaud, “it helped me feel great about myself while preparing for the day ahead!"

Later, while studying at Canterbury and teaching abroad, Renaud attended St. Mary’s Parish in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Renaud is currently attending mass at St. John Vianney parish.

Renaud’s Philosophy of Catholic Education

To teach children about their relationship to God and to other people.

To live and celebrate Catholic Education with others and our community.

Education provided through the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board provides students with a foundation for success; to learn, live, work, love and help others.

Catholic Education provides the complete experience, which prepares students for life through academic, social-cultural, physical and spiritual components that make the whole person.

“I am committed to preserving the diverse Catholic Education, which was provided to me through the Separate School Board," says Renaud.

Of Special Note:

Renaud’s father (John Renaud) received a degree in Religious studies from The University of Windsor in 1970-, is a fourth degree Knight (belonging to the Knights of Columbus) and was President/Founder of Canadian Catholic Radio between 1998-2010. His late Uncle was Fr. Louis Ouellette.

Renaud’s cousin (Rob Renaud) is in his fifth year as a Seminarian at St. Peter’s.

Renaud’s aunt (Bernadette Doctor) taught religion while at St. Anne’s Catholic High School.

Renaud had an office based out of Assumption University during the early 2000s where he worked on the inception through development of the Novelletto Rosati Sports and Recreation Complex prior to its physical completion and establishment at Mic Mac Park. There, he had excellent relationships with staff including Fr. William Stoba.

Jeremy Renaud