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Cardinals Taking on the World!

Back in the early 90s, F.J. Brennan sent a talented group of musicians led by Mike Seguin to World’s in Germany.

There, the group performed within a variety of categories ranging from classical to stage.

For members of the band, it also provided a unique What If? scenario where all of Windsor’s finest musicians (from separate external bands) merged into one consistent unit moving forward.

Side-by-side we played together, marched and competed against other bands throughout the World. For me, it not only provided a great experience with friends (and family) but taught me the value of working together and setting differences aside.

It was through this experience that the F.J. Brennan Junior and Senior Bands rose above…while in the back of our minds had joined forces to form what we called, “The Windsor Optimist Youth Brigade with a Whole Lotta Spirit!”

I’m grateful for this opportunity…for the friendships I made and that one shining moment we all played “On Broadway” down the streets of Munich.


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